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Easy to use and cost-effective home charging.

Ohme Home Pro

The Ohme Home Pro is perfect for charging your EV at home. It’s easy to install and allows you to control your EV charging via its interactive LCD screen or our trusted app.

7.4kW Smart EV Charger, Tethered with 5m Type 2 Charging Cable and Interactive LCD Screen. Live Charging Information Displayed On Screen.

Secure your charger with remote locking and unlocking through the Ohme App, giving you full control over your charger.

Integrates with Your Energy Tariff to Charge at the Cheapest Times. Set Max Price Cap Per kWh to Keep Control of Costs

2G/3G/4G Connectivity for Use with App & Free Software Updates, Integrated PEN Protection System and Dynamic Load Balancing

Quick Installation & Type 2 Charging Cable

The Ohme Home Pro offers quick, discreet and easy installation with a built in protective earth neutral (PEN) fault device to save time, money and resources. A backplate, load balancing clamp, wagos and lightning junction box are all included in your purchase to reduce the need for additional purchases for installation.

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Kind to the Planet & Your Pocket

Control via Bluetooth and WiFi, tethered cable for instant plug-and-go charging and Integrated PEN fault protection. With Energy Management upgrades and even more sustainable, cost-effective charging; Ohme Home Pro is the charger for you!

Ohme Home Pro integrates with your energy tariff enabling you to set the charger to operate at the cheapest times. Users can also set a max price cap per kWh to keep control of costs. The Green Score feature allows users to keep track of their CO2 consumption.

The Intelligent Octopus Tariff and the Ohme Home Pro Charger work excellently together to provide smart charging schedules which take advantage of the heavily discounted off-peak energy that is available with the Intelligent Octopus tariff.

Ohme Home Pro

Perfect for charging your EV at home. This tethered charger is easy to install and allows you to control your EV charging via its interactive LCD screen or the official Ohme app.

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