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As the fastest growing network of electric vehicle charge point installers, We have the experience and the know-how to help get you charging in no time!

As EV's become the future...

As electric vehicles become the future of personal transport, with low maintenance, cheaper running costs, and zero-emissions, it’s now easier than ever to charge your EV at home. As the UK’s largest network of electric car charge point specialists and installers, we have the experience and the know-how to get you charging in no time, wherever you are in the United Kingdom.

Installing chargers for Electric Vehicles across the UK, from solar powered to smart home wall chargers, Bumblebee can get you connected thanks to our network of OZEV-approved specialist Electric Vehicle charger installers. With chargers from industry-leading manufacturers such as Wallbox, Easee, MyEnergi and 0% interest finance options available!

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For all your domestic, commercial, business, destination or apartment needs. (0% APR Finance Available!)

Wallbox Pulsar Plus

Small & PowerfuL

£899 or £74 p/m

£74p/m for 12 months interest-free (0% APR)

A smart, simple charging experience that comes with an integrated charging cable, up to 22 kW power, and Wi-Fi, DC leakage protection.

Easee One

Premium Charging

£959 or £79 p/m

£79p/m for 12 months interest-free (0% APR)

The charger automatically detects what power the vehicle requires and charges several cars with different needs at the same time.

MyEnergi Zappi V2

Solar Integrated

£1149 or £95 p/m

£95p/m for 12 months interest-free (0% APR)

A smart EV charger with many unique features, including options to charge utilising 100% green solar PV or wind generated energy.


The Largest Network Of EV Charger Installers In The UK.

As an EV charger installer with Bumblebee, you can work on your own terms and you can start earning straight away with charger installation jobs near you. It’s easy to become an installer with Bumblebee – simply complete the form for free, and we’ll do the rest. 

Home EV Wall Charging

Everything you need to be able to charge your electric vehicle from home, in your garage, car park, or driveway.

Apartment EV Charging

Electric car charging for apartment blocks and residential flats is now available, letting you charge in your very own allocated space.

Commercial EV Charging

Bringing businesses, organisations, and commercial locations the ability to build an efficient solar EV charging infrastructure.

Compatible with all EVs.

Compatible with manufacturers using Type 1 or Type 2 chargers including:

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Are you a Landlord or Renting?

Did you know that with the OZEV scheme, you could save up to £350 on installing a brand new EV wall charger in your home or apartment building? This grant scheme is designed to help cut carbon emissions significantly in the UK. To be eligible, all you need is your own EV and off-street parking at your property.



  • 3 year battery & Bosch motor warranty (30,000 miles)
  • 2 year moped warranty (20,000 miles)
  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • Delivered, inspected and handed over by a Team Bilis Member, or Trusted Dealer Partner.

*Moped has space for 2 batteries. The 120 mile range model is an additional spare battery & charger.

As seen on TV!

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, We are proud to be the fastest-growing supplier and installer of electric car chargers across the United Kingdom. Our advert aired on TV across Scotland in March and April of 202, awarding us the first ever charge point dedicated TV Advert in British broadcast history.