EV Charging for Apartments

Turnkey EV apartment charging solutions with unique billing platforms, built for factors, property developers and residents alike!

Apartment EV Solutions For Residents, Factors & Property Developers.

EV charging for apartments in the UK. Are you looking for a turn-key apartment EV charging solution? You’ve found the right place! Whether you are resident, or factor/property developer, we can make charging your electric vehicle a simple and stress-free experience.

Bumblebee has the perfect solution for communal EV charging in apartment blocks. We can provide a turnkey installation service incorporating scalable charging infrastructure, unique billing platform, 24/7 monitoring plus an industry leading call out and maintenance service.

We realise billing across multiple sites could be a headache for factors. That’s why Bumblebee have called on their experience in utility sales and have created a unique billing system giving you complete peace of mind. Find out more about BeeCharged billing platform here.

How do I Charge at my Flat?

The best way to start the process is to contact your Factor/Property Developer. Below is an e-letter template designed to get you started.

car park ev charging

For Factors & Property Developers

Low Cost Charging; Up To £30k In Funding Available!

Whether you are a resident or a property developer, we are here to help you through the process of charging your electric vehicle. We provide communal charging solutions, as well as access to funding. or if you’re looking for your own charge point in a dedicated parking space, we can help!

Using the Easee Ready backplate and blind cover, we can provide you with the infrastructure for our EV charging when you require it. The Easee Ready can quickly be swapped over to the Easee Plug & Play charge point in a few minutes

I am a Resident.

Looking to charge at your flat? Want to know more about grants? Is it even possible?

I am a Factor/Property Developer.

EV charging and billing solutions for apartment blocks and building developments.