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Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure for hotels, golf clubs, car parks, leisure facilities, campsites, and more!

Monetize Your EV Chargers With Turnkey Billing Solutions

Using flexible pricing models, you can choose what to charge customers, and when to charge them. We handle the rest with our backend billing software!

With the rapid rise of electric vehicles, the question has been raised of where all of these EV drivers will be able to charge their cars. With fuel stations situated on the vast majority of major roads in the UK, it is reasonable to expect a similar network of public charging stations for EV drivers to recharge.

Bumblebee specializes in building EV infrastructure in any location, with turnkey billing solutions meaning you can also profit from your EV chargers! Evolve your business in line with EV adoption across the UK, with industry-leading charge points designed to provide a simple, easy charging experience.

Discover TeltoCharge

Our new premium, low-cost charging product that can be personalised to suit your needs.


Promote your Business in new ways

With smartphones full of apps, new methods exist to promote your business. You can profit from customers using your EV charge points!

Increase your Customer Footfall & Revenue

Set your destination to be available as public charging through ZapMap and make profit, or advertise your property with EV charging facilities on Booking.com, building customer loyalty!

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