Pulsar Max

Tougher. Simpler. Smarter; In colors that feel like home. A new member of our home charging range.

Wallbox Pulsar Max

This 7kW unit adapts to all-electric vehicles, power supplies, and mains by automatically detecting what power the vehicle requires, with a variety of smart and innovative features.

Up to 22kW of fast-charging power. Just 1.3 kg and Tethered cable for instant plug-and-go charging. Control via Bluetooth and WiFi with the myWallbox app. Integrated PEN fault protection

Secure your charger with remote locking and unlocking through the myWallbox App, giving you full control over your charger.

Access and control advanced energy management features like Eco-Smart and Power Boost.

Connect the Wallbox Pulsar Max to any Type 1 or Type 2 electric vehicle

Going Electric Just Got Easier with the MyWallbox App

Smart charging means you have full control over your EV charger. Intuitive scheduling and other features in the MyWallbox App mean you are fully secure and ready to charge at any moment. Built and designed to withstand indoor and outdoor use.

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Elevated Design, Easy to Install & a Premium Matte Finish.

Control via Bluetooth and WiFi with the myWallbox app, Tethered cable for instant plug-and-go charging and Integrated PEN fault protection. With Energy Management upgrades and even more sustainable, cost-effective charging; Pulsar Max is the charger for you!

Get an off-peak charging schedule suggestion right at onboarding in the myWallbox app. Charge with energy that’s cleaner and cheaper, depending on your energy provider and plan, with just one click. Harness the full power of your solar panels with solar EV charging. Avoid high grid energy prices when you charge your EV with 100% solar energy or a mix of solar and grid energy. The choice is yours.

Always charge at the highest speed possible without having to upgrade your electrical panel. This dynamic load-balancing technology ensures that you never exceed your home’s existing power limit when charging. Built-in load balancing allows you to charge multiple electric vehicles at once by distributing power across connected chargers. Connect up to 4 chargers at no extra cost!

Wallbox Pulsar Max

Now easier to install and with a reduced installation time, the Pulsar Max’s scratch-resistant surface offers a premium look. 

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