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In the context of home charging, the “OZEV Grant” refers to a government grant for electric car home chargers, provided by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV).

  • The OZEV Grant, specifically named the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), provides up to £350 off the cost of purchasing & installing a home charging point.
  • It’s available for most electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars, old or new.
  • You can claim one chargepoint per eligible vehicle and up to two eligible vehicles per household.
  • An additional grant of up to £250 is available to Scottish EV drivers via the Energy Savings Trust Scotland.
  • OZEV also offer the separate Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) grant which can be claimed by any business, charity or public authority and provides up to £350 off the cost of purchasing & installing workplace charging points, up to 40 sockets.

How do I qualify for the OLEV Grant?

To qualify for OZEV’s EVHS grant, you need to have purchased an eligible electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle or leased one for at least six months.

  • You must have off-street parking.
  • You must install an OZEV-approved chargepoint.
  • You must use an OZEV-approved chargepoint installer like Bumblebee EV

Which vehicles are eligible for the OZEV Grant?

Not all plug-in vehicles are eligible for the OZEV EVHS grant. All full battery electric vehicles are eligible, but plug-in hybrid vehicle CO2 emissions must be calculated below 50g/km.

OZEV maintains a list of those vehicles which are eligible here.

How do I claim the OLEV Grant?

To claim up to £350 off the cost of your new home charging point, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions and share some documents with us. 

Our team will then do the heavy lifting and claim the grant on your behalf.

Additional grant in Scotland

Through the Energy Saving Trust Scotland, the Scottish Government offers Scottish residents an additional grant of up to £250 (or £350 for those in the most remote areas of Scotland), on top of the EVHS grant.

Just as with the EVHS grant, and in addition to it, Bumblebee EV assists our Scottish customers to take advantage of this grant through the standard ordering process.