Domestic Chargers

Stay fully charged with our premium domestic charge points

Trusted accross the UK

Here at Bumblebee EV, we have installed every OZEV approved charge point on the UK market. This experience puts us in a perfect position to advise on your home charging solution. We have chosen three units below that we believe offer class-leading safety, quality, performance and aesthetics. If the charge point that’s on your wish list isn’t shown below, please give us a call on 0333 050 9863 and we will be happy to provide you with a low-cost quote.

Small in Stature - Big on Spec


Fitted from just £295 (Scotland)*

Fitted from just £545 (Rest of UK)*

  • Built in Earthing Protection.
  • WiFi +Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • OLEV Approved.
  • 166x163x82 mm.
  • 5m Cable. (Cable Attached)


Fitted from just £339 (Scotland)*

Fitted from just £589 (Rest of UK)*

  • Built in Earthing Protection.
  • WiFi +Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • OLEV Approved.
  • 187x122x90 mm.
  • Type Two Socket.


The Easee Home

“The UK’s most premium home charging option.”

 “Easee Home is intelligent and adapts to all-electric vehicles, power supplies and mains. No need to think about technical specifications – the Charging Robot will automatically detect what power the vehicle requires and manages to charge several cars with different needs at the same time.”

Fitted from just £568 (Scotland)*
Fitted from just £918 (Rest of UK)*

One simple phonecall

You can book your installation with one straightforward call to our team of experts. We take care of the rest. Call us on 0333 050 9863. EV Ownership can seem daunting but our skilled operators will guide you through the installation process along with obtaining any government funding that you qualify for, it will be the only phonecall you have to make.

Our simple 3 step approach to getting you charged

Step 1: Contact

Make the smart decision to install an EV Charger, hassle free and contact Bumblebee via your preferred method.

Step 2: Survey & Agree Install Date

Our advisers will confirm details and give a full run through of the process.

Step 3: Done!

Plug in your nice new car and enjoy.

EV Charging Explained Simply

Slow Charge

Lovingly known as a granny charger these are typically rated up to 3kW. Suitable for overnight charges, 6-12 hours for a pure EV and 2-4 hours
for a plug-in hybrid.

Fast Charge

Typically rated at 7-22kW, these can charge a current mainstream EV in 3-6hrs. These are the most commonly fitted home chargers.

Rapid Charge

Typically rated at 43kW for AC (alternating current) and 50kW for DC (Direct Current). Both will charge the majority of current EV’s to around 80% in 30-60 minutes.

Types of connector: let us take care of the connector type. When you give us your vehicle details we will advise of the correct connection.
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