Commercial & Workplace Charging

Electric vehicle charging installation for your workplace, destination or businesses.

Turn Your Business #EV with £850 per Live Charger!

Find new customers with EV charging and gain a 24/7 revenue generation method by monetizing your chargers. Allow employee access or make your chargers public! There are a variety of benefits to building an EV infrastructure at your business or workplace.

Low Rate Finance

Suitable for every budget, low rate leasing options are available.

Efficient Monthly Cost

Make the switch to EV and notice the monthly cost difference.

Employee Benefits

Manage, report and leverage employee charging benefits.

Advanced Technology

Bumblebee use the latest EV technology on every install.

Gain Loyalty

Show your customers and staff that you care about the environment.

Zero Rate Tax

We can assist your business with zero rated company car tax.

Up to £15k in Funding Available for your business (less than 250 staff)

Apply for the workplace charging grant. Bumblebee can unlock up to 75% grant funding for businesses. Claim up to £15,000 towards the cost of installing EV charging at your workplace.

Workplace/Office Charging.

Reward staff with electric vehicle charging, lower your carbon footprint and claim grants to pay for the installation of your EV charging facilities.

Destination Charging.

Looking to attract customers with electric vehicles? Achieve return on investment that suits you, with the ability to monetise your charge points.

Fleet/Depot Charging.

Has your business made the switch to electric fleet vehicles? We provide solutions for logistics, motor trade and taxi businesses to name a few.

Did You Know You Can Monetize Your Chargers?

Whether free for staff use or monetized for public/customer use. Try our profit calculator today!

Experts in EV Technology.

Bumblebee EV has the experience and know-how to help put your business at the forefront of environmental change. Partnering with leading charge point manufacturers, we can supply and install the hardware you need to keep your staff and visitors fully charged. Whether you want units that are free for staff to use, chargeable for customers, or even EV charging clubs for corporate business, we have a turnkey solution to suit.

commercial workplace and destination ev charger installer

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