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Wallbox Pulsar Plus

Small & PowerfuL

£899 or £74 p/m

£70p/m for 12 months interest-free (0% APR)

A smart, simple charging experience that comes with an integrated charging cable, up to 22 kW power, and Wi-Fi, DC leakage protection.

Easee One

Premium Charging

£959 or £79 p/m

£73p/m for 12 months interest-free (0% APR)

The charger automatically detects what power the vehicle requires and charges several cars with different needs at the same time.

MyEnergi Zappi V2

Solar Integrated

£1149 or £95 p/m

£91p/m for 12 months interest-free (0% APR)

A smart EV charger with many unique features, including options to charge utilising 100% green solar PV or wind generated energy.

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Home Charging

Everything you need to be able to charge your electric vehicle from home, whether in a garage, car park or driveway.

Apartment Charging

Charging for apartment blocks and residential flats are now available, letting you charge in your very own allocated space.

Commercial Charging

Bringing businesses, organisations, commercial locations and more the ability to build a charging infrastructure,

Compatible with all EVs.

Compatible with manufacturers using Type 1 or Type 2 chargers including:

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